Any club event which falls on a day designated as TOTAL FIRE BAN for the region(s) within which the ride is to be held is automatically cancelled. 

2021 – Calendar of Club Events

This calendar of events may change as COVID-19 restrictions change. Please monitor this website or newsletter for updates.

May 9th               Moriac Day Run NOTE CHANGE OF DATE

Organisers: Bruce Matthews (03) 5266 1231 and Ross Matthews (03) 5266 1634

May 23rd Autumn Picnic Run, Ararat

Organisers: Ian Sargent 0407 509 162 or Jenny Sargent  0418 509 160

July 2nd – 4th Veteran & Vintage (Pre ’31) Rally, Poona, Qld

Organisers: Keith Elwell-Gavins 0458-988-643; Ray Wilson 0431-228-774


July 25th Social Shed Day/Swap

Organiser: Mark Gascoigne

August 15th               AGM (2021) and Tidlers Day Run

Organiser:                     Colin Sargent 0408 378 559

September 25-26th  Hamilton Rally

Organiser: Roger Warburton 0428 528 207